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A TV sizing calculator for you room. We make it easy to pick the right TV size for you.



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Automatic and Manual mode

Tap & Point

With 2 easy modes; Automatic & Manual, the app will calculate the TV size for your room.  In 2 mins, find the right TV size for your space! No second guessing!

Accurate and fast

Augmented Reality and LIDAR to find any TV size from 32 inches" to 70 inches"

By leveraging the Arkit4 (2020), the TVfit app utilizes Depth API (LIDAR), scene geometry (LIDAR) to bring the greatest accuracy to the app

Requires iOS14 and iPhone 7+ 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I pick the right TV size for my room?

There are complex formulas to find the right TV size to distance but with the TVfit app, the calculation is done automatically. No TV size chart, no dimensions calculator.  Download the TVfit app today

How does the TVfit app work?

The TVfit app utilizes the latest augmented reality technology (ArKit 4) and on iPhone 12 Pro+, real world object classification and LIDAR 

What size TV do I need for a bedroom?

What size TV do I need for gaming?

With the TVfit app, you no longer need to second guess.  Simply try the automatic mode to see the television size recommendation or in manual mode to try out sizes from 32" to 70" for 4k TVs.

What are the benefit of using augmented reality and LIDAR to measure the right TV size in my space?

We take the complexity of numbers away with augmented reality.
Augmented reality on your iPhones and iPads allows you to clearly see what TV fits in your space. With Lidar (light detection and range) , available on the iPhone 12 Pro+ and iPad Pro (2020+), it enables laser accuracy with wall scanning (vertical scaling) technology

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